How to change your password while you're logged in:

From your logged in account, click on the avatar in the upper right hand corner of your screen and select Account Settings.

Click on the Change My Password tab in the right hand navigation, on mobile devices this may be bottom navigation.

Enter your current password.

Choose your new password.

Save your changes by clicking Save.

How to send yourself a password reset via email:

From the sign in page on click the Forgot Password? link.

Enter your email address or username.

Check your email inbox. TheProfessional.Me will immediately send a message to your account's email address.

Click the reset link in that email.

Choose a new password.

Note: The password reset links included in these emails are one-time use and time-sensitive. If you click the link and it doesn't work, try requesting a new one and use the link as soon as you can.